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Hillside Play Area, Ruskington, Lincolnshire

Hillside Play Area

Hillside Play Area is a delightful and well-maintained playground located in a scenic part of town, perfect for children under the age of 14. It offers a variety of equipment designed to provide both fun and physical challenges for young visitors.

Facilities and Equipment:

Climbing Wall: A robust and exciting climbing wall for kids to test their agility and strength.
Slides: A thrilling slide that offers endless fun for children.
Swings: The playground features multiple swings, including one junior swing, one tango swing (ideal for parent-child swinging), and two toddler swings, ensuring that kids of different ages can enjoy swinging.
Wobble Board: An engaging wobble board that helps improve balance and coordination.
Suitable Ages: The playground is specifically designed for children under 14, providing age-appropriate activities and equipment that cater to their developmental needs.

Nice Features:

Benches: Several benches are strategically placed around the playground, offering comfortable seating for parents and caregivers to relax while keeping an eye on their children.
Fenced Play Area: The entire play area is securely fenced, providing peace of mind for parents regarding their children’s safety.
Play Bark Surface: The ground is covered with play bark, a soft surface that helps cushion falls and adds to the overall safety of the playground.

Maintenance: The playground is maintained monthly by Ruskington Parish Council, ensuring it remains in excellent condition. Regular upkeep means that the equipment is always safe and clean, providing a pleasant environment for everyone.

Natural Features: The play area is surrounded by beautiful trees, offering shade and a natural ambiance that enhances the play experience. Additionally, it is located close to The Beck, adding a serene touch to the surroundings.

Hillside Play Area is a wonderful spot for families looking for a safe, fun, and well-maintained playground. Its diverse equipment and beautiful setting make it a favourite destination for children and parents alike.

Ages most suitable for
5 to 12 year olds 5 to 12 year olds
Toddlers Toddlers
Facilities nearby
Hillside estate
NG34 9TJ
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Exact coordinates
Longitude : -0.3762747
Latitude : 53.0462920
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Sunny intervals and a gentle breeze, High of 26°, Low of 16°

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