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Welcome to FreeParks.co.uk, your ultimate guide to the best free playgrounds across the UK!


Born from the personal experience of a family seeking affordable fun, FreeParks.co.uk started as an idea in the hearts of Katie and Matt. Our platform grew into a comprehensive database of free parks, providing families everywhere with options for budget-friendly adventures.

After eight fabulous years, the baton was passed to Jamie and Charlotte, a couple based in Kent with two lively children.

Our goal is to be your go-to source for all publicly accessible playgrounds in the UK. We’re here to promote active, cost-effective fun, support quality family time, and foster childrens’ development.

But we’re more than just a database – we’re a community. We invite you to join us, Submit a park, and help our platform grow. Your park discoveries can become another family’s afternoon adventure.

Welcome to the FreeParks.co.uk family – your next great adventure is just a playground away!


15 thoughts on “About Us

  1. this is such a good website, i was so excited to find it, but there is not yet many parks listed in my area (salford – greater manchester)
    I wonder if there is any way you can make people aware of this site, so they can help submit information and pictures. also, other sites do have some info (usually the city council), just not very clear and easy to find.
    maybe, if you have time, you could take it from there, so there is a one site for all of UK.
    it is also very clear with ALL THE DETAILS CLEARLY MENTIONED!!!!!

  2. I wanted to help all the other families during Covid Lockdown by creating a park blog and now I have found this site , I will strive to add on every small park available to kids in Beds / Herts

  3. This is a fantastic idea for a website. I thought about trying to create similar then found this.
    Hopefully I can now add a lot of content to the Newcastle area for others to use.

  4. Play parks are often hard to pin-point. This is especially true when they are not right near a road. I strongly recommend looking at what3words!

    Longitude and latitude are hard for people to understand and postcodes are not much good off the beaten track.

    Case in point – a little hidden gem of a play-park in my area. GPS coordinates are 50.760147,-1.988165… But the 3 words to find it are “vivid.spins.noise”

    Please look into this, I really think it’d be a great asset. Also an iPhone and Android app 🙂

    1. Hi Dan,

      Thank you for your most useful feedback, I have had a brief look at what3words and it looks to be an excellent addition, I will endeavour to add this to our website in the near future, thanks for bringing it to my attention 🙂


  5. This website is exactly what I’ve been trying to find to be able to take my 2yr old out to parks on my bike – it’s a shame it hasn’t been inundated as I’m sure there are thousands of parents that could do with something like this site! I’ll add what I can and plug it on my social media – I hope it becomes something everyone contributes to!

  6. OK – fair enough – not sure its universally recognised but not many people know about lat/long anyway!! I would have guessed neg longitude is East of GPM.

  7. Lat has to be qualified by N or S (North or South) and Long by E or W (East or West) all relative to the Equator (Lat) or Greenwich Prime Meridian (Long). Thus the correct geo position is (probably if in UK), 51.614054N, 1.238605E. Albeit I’d be surprised if anyone – even with the accurate GPS locator I have – can pin down a location to within 6 decimal places which equates to 60/100000 nautical miles longitude ie. 3ft!!

    1. Thanks for your feedback on a latitude or longitude suffix, we have opted to use the single degrees format of longitude and latitude to represent the global position of the playgrounds and play areas on our website, this single degrees format does not require a N/W/S/E qualifier/suffix and uses a negative number to represent East of the Greenwich meridian and South of the equator, and a positive number to indicate West of the Greenwich meridian and North of the equator.

  8. We have just stumbled across your website me and my daughter have been to many many parks and play areas, we have been to the park in Eynsham and anywhere from Cornwall to northern Scotland! We would be happy to place the information on your website but we may have trouble finding the longitude and latitude

    1. Hi Robert and Abigail, Thanks for getting in touch, we would be very pleased to receive you park submissions, the longitude and latitude can be found by right clicking Google Maps and selecting “Whats Here?”. (in the UK) Latitude is the first larger number, Longitude is the second (usually) smaller number e.g. 51.614054, -1.238605.

      You can submit parks without Lat and Long, however it will take us longer to manually find the park ourselves, most important is great pictures showing all the equipment and an overview shot (without too many children in the pictures if possible!!).

      We look forward to receiving your submission.

      Matt (Freeparks Admin)

  9. Loving the website! How can I help by submitting the parks around my house? Any plans for a mobile app?

    Keep up the good work guys 🙂

    1. Hi Jamie, Thanks for the feedback 🙂

      You can submit a park by completing the form here Submit a Park or if you plan to submit many parks, We can create you an account and you can add them directly.
      As for a mobile app, yes there are plans to create Android and IOS apps, however it is early days and we are concentrating on making the site responsive and mobile friendly for now.


      The FP Team

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