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Fosse Recreation Ground Play Area, Leicester, Leicestershire

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Fosse Recreation Ground Play Area

Fosse Recreation Ground is located to the west of Leicester town centre and cover approximately 11 acres, the large grass area in the centre is surrounded by trees and footpaths.   The newly refurbished play area is located on the eastern side of the park and has several pieces of children’s play equipment including a climbing frame, slide, rocker, climbing wall, two swing sets and a spinning see-saw.  the flooring of the playground is mostly a colourful rubberised compound, however there is still the remnants of the previous play area’s tarmac on some sides. There is also seating provided for parents/carers.

Many thanks to Peter for providing the updated photo of this Free Park.


Ages most suitable for
5 to 12 year olds 5 to 12 year olds
Toddlers Toddlers
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Longitude : -1.153041
Latitude : 52.637209
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33 thoughts on “Fosse Recreation Ground Play Area

  1. Can you please let us know what the bright white flashing light is that comes on late at night . Trying to get sleep is a nightmare with the heat but now this light is awful

    1. hi,
      I don’t know what it is but it’s likely to be either a street light malfunctioning or a private household light. If you can do some investigation and pin point the source you can move forward. If it is the councils responsibility I’ve used “FixMyStreet” with some success. Hope that is of some help.

  2. The council are fitting an outdoor gym facility next the play area, I hope it gets used. The ones at Bead Park behind Tesco and the one at Western Park seem little used.

  3. To everyone who is interested in Fosse Recreation Ground, there is going to be a “Meet your Park Officer” there on Tuesday 11th April 2017, between 10am and 11.30am. It gives you a chance to speak to the Officer and let them know if you feel there is any room for improvement!

  4. A fence need to be reinstated; dogs, even the best behaved, are unaware of the council’s approach to ” shared spaces”! It is now an open area and it shouldn’t be. Raise the issue with your councillor. Lots of people use the park: old people, young people (the little football court – no dogs allowed), cyclists, parents with babies in push chairs etc. the diversity of use must be managed – there was a fence there needs to be a fence.

  5. Went to Fosse playground today with my four year old son. All looks very nice and bright and fun but why aren’t there any fences. At one point three dogs run around the play ground at great speed all exited and my son had to climb up on to the equipment saying it was the only place he felt safe. Dog owners seem to think it is ok for their dogs to go on it and explore so they don’t call them back.

  6. I’m sure Soulsby’s council will be able to demonstrate “consultation” took place. It’s typical example of money chasing a problem, the old play area looked perfectly good to me.
    Please contact your local Fosse ward councillors and make your feelings known; if you don’t LCC will continue in the same way.
    Details here: http://www.cabinet.leicester.gov.uk:8071/mgMemberIndex.aspx?bcr=1
    Why not set up or see if there is a parks user committee / group.

  7. Been to the park today with my six year old, he was extremely disappointed in the play area, he said its all for teenagers and baby’s. Other than a few swings he’s not wrong, tgey could have added what they have put in to what was there already as they have used no space really looks a mess, totally ruined this area such a shame.

  8. It’s finished and open for use. It looks smart and modern. The lack of a fence shouldn’t matter since the brightly coloured impact flooring delineates the play space very clearly and any foreign objects will be easy to see. Just short of 4 months to complete.

  9. I went past today, construction fences still up and skip in place , hopefully this is for final tidying up. 1st July promise missed by LCC. On the fence issue, I noticed that the play area on the rally near Tudor Road has no fence.

  10. I hope the all the children’s play equipment will be up for the summer holidays alot of children use the park

  11. Oh dear. Well LCC always know best. The fence is primarily for the safety of children preventing little ones from straying from the designated area whilst giving caring adults some peace of mind. Also a fenced area can be managed i.e. litter picked, visual check, etc. the margins of an unfenced area create elevated risk with potential hazards unseen. Is there something politically incorrect with fences – too intimidating maybe. However dogs can’t read and many good, careful dog owners do enjoy the freedom of the park. The council removed a perfectly good fence they should put it back. This development was supposed to be subject to local consultation.

  12. Update – I’ve had a reply from the council regarding the play area and they have confirmed the fence is not going to be replaced and there will be signs up stating no dogs allowed. Disapointing but they we go. And also the play area is due for completion on the 1st July as they are now in the process of adding the new flooring.

  13. Hi Sarah,
    I directed my initial question to my local councillor Cllr Dr Susan Barton of Western Ward ( I don’t actually live in the same ward as the park) and she came back with information from Bob Mullins, Head of Standards and Development, Neighbourhood and Environmental Services. So, I would suggest you direct your question to one of your local councillors. The councillors have some influence and normally get answers quickly. Good luck.

  14. Hi Peter. I have heard from a neighbour that there is rumour that the fence to keep the dogs out is not going to be replaced. I sincerley hope this is not the case as I want my child to play safely without worrying about dog mess. Any way this can be confirmed?

  15. I cycle through the park most days, work rate is to say the least slow. The above ground apparatus has been erected for some time and surrounded by tall temporary fencing the risk is that vandals will damage the new equipment by dropping the fencing onto it. There is a lot of finishing to do I assume it will have a low dog proof fence installed since the whole old one was removed. It must gall parents to see it in its present state.
    Its worth noting that the new play area is in the full shade of the trees whereas the old one was in partial sunlight, is that intentional? The new equipment will be covered in detritus (sticky sap etc.) from the trees. Parents will probable need to clean surfaces before use.
    Come on LCC get it completed.

  16. Councillor Ted Cassidy told me yesterday that works are due to be completed Friday 24th June.
    Town planning at it’s absolute best…near 3 months (predicted) to replace a busy children’s play area just as we enter a period of good weather at the start of the summer. Incredible.

  17. Work is progressing well now 4 pieces of play equipment and they are working on flat areas installing soft surfaces.
    Admin: Can I have an email address for photos?

  18. Cycled past today at 0915am 5th May workmen have erected the first above ground play equipment.

  19. No. The Council workers were there 4 weeks ago doing some ground works in one corner. They were back last week doing some more work but there is nothing to see above ground yet. If the website administrator / webmaster would send me an email I will reply with the plans the local councillor sent me sometime ago and you can post on the website. I can’t see how to upload them.
    BTW one of the documents is a voting slip for users to choose 1 of 4 play equipment options; I wonder who and how users are meant to vote.

  20. Hi,
    I’ve written to the local councillor who has made enquiries and I am am pleased to say the the play area is being refurbished. The councillor sent me a plan and a picture of the proposer play equipment there are 4 options showing.
    I have suggested in future LCC should put up a clear sign informing users of what is happening.
    Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks Pete for your update. Perhaps once the work is complete, someone may be able to send us some updated photos for the site 🙂

  21. The council have removed all the equipment last week, on the 15th of March; they have used angle grinders to cut the equipment off at ground level!


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