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St Nicholas Park Play Area, Warwick, Warwickshire

St Nicholas Park Play Area

This play area is ideal for children up to about the age of 12, with some activities designed for younger children as well as some for older more adventurous children.

Play equipment includes swings, climbing frames, slides and more. The play area is set right next to a large the open green space of St Nicholas Park which is perfect for ball games, kites flying, Frisbee, running about and picnics etc.

There are also useful benches and seats around the playground, great for adults to relax, sit down and watch the children having fun, and burning off all that excess energy!

further information is available on their website St Nicholas Park  and the Warwick District Council website

Ages most suitable for
5 to 12 year olds 5 to 12 year olds
Toddlers Toddlers
Banbury Rd
CV34 4QY
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Exact coordinates
Longitude : -1.578285
Latitude : 52.281319
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